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Conference Schedule & Technical Program

Sunday, March 13
18:00 19:00 Welcome Reception / Registration
19:30 Organization Committee Meeting
Monday, March 14
08:00 15:00 Registration
08:30 10:00 Tutorial 1 (Part 1), Room B:

"Analyzing Measurements from Data with Underlying Dependences and Heavy-tailed Distributions," Natalia M. Markovich, Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia; Udo R. Krieger, Computer Networks Group, Otto-Friedrich University, Bamberg, Germany
08:30 10:00 Tutorial 2, Room A:

"Performance Engineering with Product-Form Models:  Efficient Solutions and Applications," Simonetta Balsamo and Andrea Marin, Dipartimento di Informatica, Universita Ca Fiscari, Venezia, Venice, Italy
10:00 10:15 Break
10:15 11:45 Tutorial 1 (Part 2), Room B:

"Analyzing Measurements from Data with Underlying Dependences and Heavy-tailed Distributions," Natalia M. Markovich, Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
10:15 11:45 Tutorial 3, Room A:

"Quantitative System Evaluation with Java Modeling Tools," Giuliano Casale, Imperial College London, London, UK; Giuseppe Serazzi, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy
12:00 13:00 Lunch
13:00 13:30 Opening Remarks, Room A/B
13:30 14:30 Keynote, Room A/B:

Prof. Lizy Kurian John, University of Texas at Austin (U.S.A), “Proprietary Code to Non-Proprietary Benchmarks:  Synthesis Techniques for Scalable Benchmarks" (chair:  David Lilja)
14:30 14:45 Coffee break
14:45 16:45 Session 1:  Performance Models and Techniques - Part 1 (Chair:  Andre Bondi), Room A/B

  • Gianfranco Balbo, Marco Beccuti, Massimiliano De Pierro and Giuliana Franceschinis. Computing First Passage Time Distributions in  Stochastic Well-Formed Nets
  • Catia Trubiani and Anne Martens. Detection and Solution of Software Performance Antipatterns in Palladio Architectural Models
  • Takashi Horikawa. An Approach for Scalability-Bottleneck Solution
  • Daniel Gouvêa, Cyro Muniz, Gilson Pinto, Alberto Avritzer, Rosa Leão, Edmundo de Souza e Silva, Morganna Diniz, Luca Berardinelli, Julius Leite, Daniel Mosse, Yuanfang Cai, Mike Dalton, Lucia Kapova and Anne Koziolek. Experience Building Non-Functional Requirement Models of a Complex Industrial Architecture
  • Archana Ravindar and Srikant Y N. Relative roles of IC and CPI in WCET Estimation (short)
16:45 17:00 Break
17:00 19:00 Session 2:  Performance Models and Techniques - Part 2 (Chair Murray Woodside), Room A/B

  • Ahmad Mizan and Greg. Franks. An Automatic Trace Based Performance Evaluation Model Building for Parallel Distributed Systems
  • Hai Nguyen and Amy Apon. Hierarchical Performance Measurement and Modeling of the Linux File System
  • Paul Brebner. Real-world Performance Modelling of Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures: Delivering Business Value with Complexity and Constraints
  • Krzysztof Rusek, Lucjan Janowski and Zdzisław Papir. Correct Router Interface Modeling (short)
  • Peter G. Harrison and Catalina M. Lladó. A PMIF with Petri Net Building Blocks (short)
ICPE Steering Committee Meeting (1.5 hours), Room A/B
Tuesday, March 15
15:00 Registration
09:30 Keynote, Room A/B:

Prof. Antonio Vallecillo, Universidad de Málaga (Spain), “Performance Analysis of Domain Specific Visual Models” (Chair:  Raffaela Mirandola)
09:45 Coffee break
09:45 11:45 Session 3:  Performance and Energy Reduction - Part 1 (Chair:  Dorina Petriu), Room A

  • Xenia Mountrouidou, Alma Riska and Evgenia Smirni. Adaptive Workload Shaping for Power Savings on Disk Drives
  • Anton Stefanek, Richard Hayden and Jeremy Bradley. Fluid analysis of energy consumption using rewards in massively parallel Markov models
  • Stamatis Karnouskos, Per Goncalves da Silva and Dejan Ilic. Realization of high-performance web service-enabled smart metering  Assessment of High-performance Smart Metering for the Web Service Enabled Smart Grid
  • Michael G. Tricker ; Klaus-Dieter Lange. The Design and Development of SPEC’s Server Efficiency Rating Tool (SERT)
  • Michael Kuperberg, Martin Krogmann and Ralf Reussner. Metric-based Selection of Timer Methods for Accurate Measurements (short)
11:45 Session 4:  Adaptive Systems (Chair:  Catia Trubiani), Room B

  • Tao Zheng, Marin Litoiu and Murray Woodside. Integrated Estimation and Tracking of Performance Model Parameters and their Trends
  • Guenther Starnberger, Lorenz Froihofer and Karl M. Goeschka. Adaptive Run-time Performance Optimization Through Scalable Client Request Rate Control
  • Hamoun Ghanbari, Marin Litoiu, Cornel Barna, Murray Woodside, Tao Zheng, Johnny Wong and Gabriel Iszlai. Tracking Adaptive Performance Models using Dynamic Clustering of User Classes
  • Natalia Kalinnik, Matthias Korch and Thomas Rauber. Dynamic Selection of Implementation Variants of Sequential Iterated Runge-Kutta Methods with Tile Size Sampling
  • Diego Pérez and José Merseguer. Performance Sensitive Self-Adaptive Service-Oriented Software using Hidden Markov Models (Short)
12:00 13:00 Lunch
13:00 15:00 Session 5:  Performance and Energy Reduction - Part 2 (Chair: Cati Llado), Room A

  • Sriram Sankar, Kushagra Vaid and Harry Rogers. Energy-Delay based Provisioning for Large Datacenters: An energy-efficient and cost optimal approach
  • Meikel Poess, Raghunath Nambiar and Kushagra Vaid. Optimizing Benchmark Configurations for Energy Efficiency
  • Luigi Brochard, Francois Thomas, Raj Panda, Don DeSota and Rob Bell. Power and Energy-Aware Processor Scheduling
  • Niklas Carlsson and Martin Arlitt. Towards More Effective Utilization of Computer Systems
13:00 15:00 Session 6:  Large-scale and Distributed Systems (Chair:  Rob Bell), Room B

  • Anthony Arkles and Dwight Makaroff. MT-WAVE: Profiling Multi-Tier Web Applications
  • Nilabja Roy, Aniruddha Gokhale, Larry Dowdy and Abhishek Dubey. A Capacity Planning Process for Performance Assurance of Component-Based Distributed Systems
  • Vlad Nae, Radu Prodan, Thomas Fahringer, and Alexandru Iosup. A New Business Model for Massively Multiplayer Online Games
  • Wei Zheng, Ricardo Bianchini and Thu Nguyen. MassConf: Automatic Configuration Tuning By Leveraging User Community Information (short)
  • Ananth Narayan Sankaranarayanan, Somsubhra Sharangi and Alexandra Fedorova. Global Cost-Diversity Aware Dispatch Algorithm for Heterogeneous Data Centers (short)
15:45 Poster session and coffee break
15:45 17:30 Session 7:  Virtualized Environments (Chair:  Alberto Avritzer), Room A

  • Stephan Kraft, Giuliano Casale, Diwakar Krishnamurthy, Des Greer, and Peter Kilpatrick. IO Performance Prediction in Consolidated Virtualized Environments
  • Dawei Huang; Deshi Ye; Qinming He; Jianhai Chen ; Kejiang Ye. Virt-LM: A Benchmark for Live Migration of Virtual Machine
  • Krishnamurthy Srinivasan; Sterlan Yuuw ; Tom J Adelmeyer Dynamic VM Migration: Assessing its Risks & Rewards Using a Benchmark
  • Issam Al-Azzoni, Lei Zhang and Douglas Down. Performance Evaluation for Software Migration (short)
  • Niaz Arijo, Reiko Heckel, Mirco Tribastone and Stephen Gilmore. Modular Performance Modelling for Mobile Service-oriented Applications (short)
17:30 19:00 SPEC Research Group Meeting, Room B
17:30 18:30 WOSP Planning Meetings, Room A
18:30 Walk to Schloss Karlsruhe
19:00 Conference Banquet at Schloss Karlsruhe
Wednesday, March 16
08:00 15:00 Registration
08:30 09:30 Industrial Invited Talk, Room A/B:

Dr. Lucy Cherkasova, HP Labs, Palo Alto, California (U.S.A.), “Performance Modeling in MapReduce Environments: Challenges and Opportunities”  (Chair:  Kai Sachs)
09:45 Coffee break
11:45 Work-in-Progress and Visions session (Chair:  Heiko Koziolek), Room A/B
  • Sergey Blagodurov. In Search for Contention-Descriptive Metrics in HPC Cluster Environment
  • Rob Bell, Matyas Sustik, David Cummings and Jonathan Jackson. Automatic Performance Model Synthesis from Hardware Verification Models
  • Norman Lim, Shikharesh Majumdar and Vineet Srivastava. Engineering SSL-Based Systems for Enhancing System Performance
  • Toqeer Israr and Gregor Bochmann. Performance Modeling of Distributed Collaboration Services
  • Robert Schoene and Daniel Hackenberg. On-Line Analysis of Hardware Performance Events for Workload Characterization and Processor Frequency Scaling Decisions
  • Debmalya Biswas, Kathryn Bean and Florian Kerschbaum. NAT/Firewall Traversal Cost Model for Publish-Subscribe Systems
  • Paul Berube, Adam Preuss and Jose Nelson Amaral. Towards a Practical Methodology to Collect and Use Multiple Profiles
  • Nariman Mani, Dorina Petriu and Murray Woodside. Towards Studying the Performance Effects of Design Patterns for Service Oriented Architecture
  • Radu Calinescu, Kenneth Johnson and Yasmin Rafiq. Using Observation Ageing to Improve Markovian Model Learning in QoS Engineering
13:00 Lunch
13:00 14:45 Session 8:  Measurements and Benchmarks - Part 1  (Chair:  Michael Kuperberg), Room A/B

  • Gokcen Kestor, Vasileios Karakostas, Osman Unsal, Adrian Cristal, Ibrahim Hur and Mateo Valero. RMS-TM: A Comprehensive Benchmark Suite for Transactional Memory Systems
  • Simon Schwarzer, Lukas Pustina, and Peter Martini. Automatic Estimation of Performance Requirements for Software Tasks of Mobile Devices
  • Sergey Blagodurov ; Martin Arlitt. Improving the efficiency of information collection and analysis in widely-used IT applications
  • Shaun Dunning; Darren Sawyer. A Little Language for Rapidly Constructing Automated Performance Tests
16:30 Breakout Session and refreshments (Chair: Ralf Reussner), Room A/B
16:30 17:45 Session 9:  Measurements and Benchmarks - Part 2 (Chair: Diwakar Krishnamurthy), Room A/B

  • Jed Kao-Tung Chang, Chen Liu, Shaoshan Liu and Jean-Luc Gaudiot. Workload Characterization of Cryptography Algorithms for Hardware Acceleration
  • Ernest Sithole, Sally McClean, Bryan Scotney, Gerard Parr, Adrian Moore, Dave Bustard and Stephen Dawson. Characterization, Monitoring and Evaluation of Processor Operational Performance Trends on Server Hardware
  • Pekka Pääkkönen, Jarmo Prokkola and Ali Lattunen. Instrumentation-based tool for latency measurements
18:00 Closing remarks, Room A/B
18:00 Conference ends
18:30 SPEC Research Group Meeting, Room A/B